At Alcohol Heroes, our mission is to provide safe and responsible alcohol services for large scale events. We are a liquor catering business that is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring the safety of our clients and their guests.
Our team is comprised of trained professionals who understand the importance of responsible alcohol consumption. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our services are provided in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and that our clients are completely satisfied with the level of service they receive.
At Alcohol Heroes, we believe that every event should be memorable and enjoyable for all attendees, and that alcohol should never be a source of concern or worry. That’s why we take pride in delivering a safe and responsible alcohol experience that allows our clients to focus on enjoying their event to the fullest.
Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any other large scale gathering, you can trust Alcohol Heroes to provide the highest level of service and professionalism. Let us help make your next event a success!

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Our Team

Meet the team that makes all of this work together


With over 10 years of hospitality experience, Scott created the concept of The Alcohol Heroes with impeccable service in mind. His vision was to offer an adult beverage catering service and provide top notch mobile bartenders to cater to and entertain guests.

Scott Richardson

Director of Operations / Master Mixologist

Tiffany, with over 9 years of experience in all areas of hospitality, is the first point of contact for each event. As an event manager she will walk with the client from beginning to end to insure they are satisfied with the services that they procure.

Tiffany Richardson

Event Manager / Master Mixologist

Tiffany Arredondo

General Manager / Director of Client Services


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